Maritime Simulation

Maritime Simulation

Welcome to our maritime simulations team, where technology meets realism to enhance the safety and efficiency of vessel operations. Our team specializes in utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology, including Kongsberg's K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim Engine, and Wärtsilä's Navi-Trainer Professional and Navi-Engine, to provide comprehensive and realistic simulation solutions for the maritime industry. Explore all we have to offer.

Kongsberg KSIM full-mission bridge simulators.
hydrodynamically accurate vessels.
regions of the world in which students can operate simulators.

Set Sail With San Jac

With Kongsberg's K-SIM navigation full mission bridge simulators, we offer a state-of-the-art training environment that enables trainees to learn and practice navigation and bridge operations in a realistic and immersive setting. 

Our hydrodynamically accurate vessels, numbering at 85 and growing through partnerships with the industry, enable realistic simulation of different types of vessels, from tankers to cruise ships, improving training and certification outcomes.

Our simulators cover over 15 regions of the world, allowing students to operate in a variety of environments and conditions. We offer advanced simulation systems that replicate real-life scenarios, allowing trainees to learn and practice different aspects of vessel operations, including navigation, engine room operations, and communication.

Whether it's navigating complex waterways, troubleshooting engine problems, or managing vessel traffic, our simulations can prepare crews for any challenge they may face at sea. Join us as we set sail into the exciting world of maritime simulation, where safety, efficiency, and innovation are at the forefront of our operations.

Maritime Simulator

State-of-the-Art Simulation

Maritime simulation teams offer a wide variety of vessels in their simulation solutions, including:

  • Patrol boats
  • Tug boats
  • Push boats
  • Supply vessels
  • Tankers
  • Container ships
  • Cruise ships
  • And more! 

This diversity allows trainees to receive a well-rounded education and prepares them for various types of vessels they may encounter in their careers. In addition, their adaptable and innovative software allows them to customize the simulation bridges to cater to the unique needs of each student. This provides trainees with the necessary hands-on training to excel in their maritime careers, developing the skills and experience required to succeed in real-life situations at sea

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