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Outside or Private Scholarships

These types of scholarships are unique in that the donor specifies the person receiving the funding. Not sure what to do next? San Jacinto College makes it easy for donors to give and for students to receive and apply these generous donations.

Donation Details

Follow these steps to ensure quick disbursement of scholarship funds.

Check Requirements

Please make checks payable to San Jacinto College. A scholarship check must include:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Recipient’s student ID number and/or social security number

A scholarship check can include:

  • Semester(s) the scholarship is for
  • What it covers (tuition, books, fees, etc.)
  • Whether the remaining funds should apply to future semesters, or if they can be refunded to the student.

Delivering Checks

Please send the scholarship check to:

San Jacinto College
Attn: Scholarships Dept.
8060 Spencer Hwy, C15.217
Pasadena, Texas 77505

Checks can also be dropped off at any campus business office. The process could be delayed if checks are mailed anywhere other than the above address.

Enrollment Verification

Do you need proof of the scholarship recipient’s enrollment? You can get a printout of your course schedule / bill by visiting any of the campus business offices. We’ll be happy to print it out for you! You can also access this through the My San Jac Student Portal.

Disbursement of Scholarship Funds


Scholarship funds will be placed on the student’s account and can be viewed in SOS. We apply funds according to donor specifications. Funds will first be applied to tuition and fees. After that, remaining funds can be used to buy books at our campus bookstores. 

If the student is allowed to receive remaining scholarship funds, those will be disbursed to their selected refund preference, using BankMobile technology. If funds are not allowed to be released, they will be moved to the next semester, or returned to the donor.

Contact Us

Questions? Donors and recipients of private scholarships should reach out to: