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Washington DC Trip

Washinton D.CWashinton D.C

 Washington, DC

In mid-May, the Honors Program will offer students the opportunity to visit Washington, DC.  The students will visit the Capitol, the Library of Congress, various museums of the Smithsonian Institute, Ford’s Theater, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial the Vietnam Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial among other attractions.  If possible we will try to connect with members of Congress from the area as well.  The cost of the trip will be $1000, which will include transportation, housing, and admissions. Students will be responsible for their own meals and souvenirs.  The cost can be paid out in installments through May 1, 2019.   If you are interested, you can apply for the trip through noon, December 03.  

For more details on the proposed trip and a tentative itinerary, please visit the Honors Program web page at  To complete an application, please visit the web page, come by the honors office on your campus, or contact Ms. Janna Barton at

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Washington DC Trip Flyer view here!


Washinton D.CWashinton D.C