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College Police Services

College Police Services

The San Jacinto College Police Department consists of State of Texas certified peace officers.  For your safety and protection the SJC police patrol all three campuses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year.  Their duties are to serve and protect.  Services provided include, but are not limited to:

Patrolling campus – exterior and interior; monitoring students, employees and visitors.

Traffic control – accident investigation, issuing parking violations.

First Responders to accidents and medical emergencies.

Locking and unlocking campus doors – interior and exterior.  NORTH CAMPUS ONLY.  Central and South campuses will respond only when necessary.

Accompanying students to classroom and/or vehicles when they feel unsafe and request these services.

Assisting with jump-starting vehicles or when keys have been locked in a vehicle.  College police officers assist with these requests as a courtesy and respond in order of priority and level of emergency.

Assistance with emergency notification to students while in class.

The San Jacinto College District’s policies regarding student conduct are contained in the college Police Department’s Student Handbook which is produced and distributed each year. Questions regarding disciplinary procedures, students’ rights, and responsibilities are also included.

On-campus incidents which (a) disrupt the learning environment of the campus, (b) threaten the safety or security of students, staff, or faculty, (c) involve the destruction of private or college property, or (d) include violations of local, state, or federal law should be reported to the college police immediately.  Persons who witness violent altercations – or potentially violent altercations – should not place themselves at risk, but should call college police immediately.

San Jacinto College District maintains an open campus and welcomes visitors. Non-students are subject to the same rules as students, including those designed to ensure the preservation of the college’s learning environment.  Consequently, visitors who become disruptive may be asked to leave the campus.


DIAL 5555 from an on-campus phone or pay phone


DIAL 281-476-9128 from a mobile phone

For Non-Emergencies

DIAL 281-476-1820 from an on or off-campus phone