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Active Shooter

If you witness an armed individual on campus at any time, immediately call SJCD Police at 5555 or 281-476-9128.

Active Shooter Situation Definition:

An active shooter is a person(s) who appears to be actively engaging in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area:  in most cases, active shooters use firearms, and there is no apparent pattern or method to their selection of victims. These situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly, with immediate deployment of law enforcement to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to innocent victims.

If the shooter is outside your building:

  • Go to a room that can be locked. Lock the doors and windows, turn off the lights, and have everyone silence their cell phones including vibrators.
    • Get everyone to lie on the floor and out of the line of fire.

Call 5555 / 281-476-9128 and inform the police dispatcher of the situation. (It is wise to program your cellular phone with this number).

  • Give your name, location and any other details that can be provided about the shooter(s), if possible.
  • Stay at your location until the police or a known college official gives the “all clear”.
  • If possible, alert others in the immediate area about the current situation.

If the shooter is inside your building:

  • If it is possible to escape the area safely and avoid danger, do so by exiting the nearest doorway or window. Leave all personal belongings in the room i.e., books, backpacks, purses, etc.
  • As you exit the building, keep your hands above your head and listen for instructions that may be given by police officers. If an officer points a firearm at you, make no movement that may cause the officer to mistake your actions as a threat. Try to stay calm.
  • If you get out of the building and do not see a police officer, attempt to call police by dialing 5555 or 281-476-9128. Tell the police dispatcher your name and location and follow his/her instructions.
  • If you are unable to escape the building, move out of the hallway and into an office or classroom and try to lock the door.  If the door will not lock, try barricading the door with desks and chairs. Lie on the floor and/or under a desk and remain silent. Silence cell phone ringers and vibrators.  Wait for the police to come and find you.

If the shooter enters your office or classroom:

 If possible, call 5555 or 281-476-9128 and alert the police dispatcher of the shooters location.  If you can’t speak, leave the line open so the dispatcher can listen and try to pinpoint your location.

  • If you can’t escape, attempt to overpower the shooter(s) by force.
  • If the shooter(s) leave the area, proceed immediately to a safer place, if possible. Do not touch anything that was in the vicinity of the shooter(s) as they may have left explosive devices.
  • If you decide to flee, make sure you have an escape route in mind. Do not carry anything: move quickly and quietly, keep your hands visible, and follow any instructions given by police officers.
  • Do not attempt to remove injured people: tell the authorities of their location as soon as possible.
  • Do not leave campus until advised to do so from the police.

 What else can you do?

 Prepare a plan of action for an active shooter in advance. Determine possible escape routes and know where the nearest building exits are.