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Sam Houston State University

Transfer to Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University markSan Jacinto College students meeting Sam Houston State University’s entrance or transfer student admission requirements may apply for and be accepted into the joint admission program.  In that program, students may freely transfer courses covered by articulation agreements between both institutions and may alternate enrollment between San Jacinto College and Sam Houston or co-enroll in both institutions, if desired. 

Students in the joint admission program receive access to student services and benefits at both institutions including: computer network and email accounts, access to computer labs, library and student facilities, and support from academic counselors as needed. 

San Jacinto College and Sam Houston State, within legal and other limits, will recognize course work via transfer credit, dual/concurrent enrollment, advanced placement, CLEP or other recognized means by which credit may be awarded by examination.  Both institutions will strive to make financial aid transfer between the two institutions as convenient as possible.

Students transferring to Sam Houston State prior to graduation from San Jacinto College may still earn an associate degree from San Jacinto College by completing courses at Sam Houston.  Once the academic record at Sam Houston is reported back to San Jacinto College and all required coursework has been completed, students will be awarded an associate degree by San Jacinto College (Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Arts in Teaching).

Sam Houston State maintains information regarding articulation and transfer to more than 50 undergraduate majors at the University.  The information is available to students, parents and advisors/counselors from both institutions via the Sam Houston State University website.

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Contact a San Jac Educational Planner and Counselor at your nearest campus.

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